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BTP Innovation


To stay in touch with the market and anticipate in the creation of future solutions, our team has created and manages a think tank with clients, principals or prescribers on site issues, in order to be and remain a driving force in innovation, find the best technical solutions, and provide the best safety solutions on site.

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Présentation de l’association BTP INNOVATION

Starting from the technical problems encountered on the worksites, the feedback of incidents or accidents that have occurred.

Take a critical look at the materials, tools, accessories, commonly used.

Bounce back on equipment failures or deficiencies to be a source of innovative proposals in this field, for the attention of the entire profession and in participation with all interested suppliers.

Create, innovate, invent, register trademarks or patents.

To encourage the support of the multiple skills of other actors in the profession in order to collect constantly updated information.

Surround yourself with the experience of the main industrialists concerned for the manufacture of prototypes, or even for the industrialisation of projects.

Maintain a continuous journal of the management of our innovations and make it widely known.

 The Bureau:

  Didier BREMOND:  Matériel Bouygues

Gérard BLANCHE:  Matériel Eiffage CE

 Gilles PICHOT:  Grands Projets Vinci Lyon

 Philippe MINVIELLE:  Méth./Mat. Eiffage CN

  Philippe CHALAYE : Travaux Vinci Lyo

 Didier TEMPERE: Méth./Mat. Dumez Paca

  Laurent FAJNHOLC: Travaux Vinci Paris

  Guy DUBOIS:  Retraité By.(Méth./Prévention)

  Benjamin RICHARD :Matériel Léon grosse

 Yannick ROUYER: Mat. Demathieu et Bard

 Jean Claude WEIL: Direction Prévention ASF

 Gelase HAVYARIMANA: Batiroc Protect

  Jean Paul CHAMARD: Direction COFFRAMAT

  Serge BERNARDINI: Prévention Eiffage RA

 Jean Marc PETITJEAN : Direction Doka Rhône Alpes

  Alexandre SOUVIGNET : Direction Alphi

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