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When know-how and technology meet

Batiroc Protect Industries (Ex Partec METAL), more than 25 years old

A fully integrated company in fine sheet metal and paint, Batiroc Protect Industries (formerly Partec Métal) has developed recognized expertise in the manufacture of components for industrial capital goods.
We work with our clients on 2 main activities:

  • The manufacture of finished parts or assemblies assembled in fine sheet metal, raw or painted
  • Specific subcontracting dedicated to the application of Epoxy or Polyester powder coating
Our equipment, our organization and the skills of our companions allow us to master the following activities:
  • Throughput-drilling
  • Punching and nibbling
  • Laser cutting
  • Folding
  • Locksmith’s shop-welding
  • Powder-coated coating
  • Assembly and assembly
  • Conditioning

In addition to stainless steel, which is part of our core business, we work with DKP steel, EZ sheet, galvanized sheet and aluminium.

BATIROC Protect Industries is located in the east of Lyon in Saint Pierre de Chandieu in the Dauphiné gates business area, close to all major roads. The company has a 2,000 m² factory.

Our commitments

At Batiroc Protect Industries, we consider our activity as a service offer

Beyond a competitive economic offer, one of BATIROC Protect Industries’ strengths is to create a lasting relationship with its customers, around a service offer that supports you in your development: this is the partnership that we propose you to build with us.
We are deeply committed to regional economic citizenship and solidarity with our partners, whether they are customers, suppliers, colleagues or service providers: the entire history of the company has been built around relationships of trust and closeness, over the long term and in accordance with mutual commitments.
You are demanding, so so are we, and that’s why we are committed:

  • to strictly respect the specifications you have entrusted to us: it is the customer who defines and specifies his need and not the opposite!
  • to carry out our products in a concern for impeccable quality, and this at all stages of manufacture. An error is always possible: we then commit ourselves to provide a technical response within the day and to implement it within 48 hours.
  • to support you in your reflections in order to industrialize the products you entrust to us: cost optimization, search for alternative solutions
  • to personalize the relationship with you: we are a reasonably sized company. Flexibility, partnership and responsiveness are part of our history and future
  • to optimize our internal costs in order to be able to support you in your competitive positioning process
Our equipment

Established and recognized expertise

BATIROC Protect Industries has a complete and recent machine park:

  • mainly equipped with TRUMPF® machines for punching, laser cutting and bending activities (3m)
  • a TIG/MIG mechanical welding pole on steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet metal and aluminium and spot welding
  • a mechanical pole for flow/drilling, shearing, bending and rolling activities (for small series)
    an Epoxy, Polyester or mixed powder coating line an assembly-assembly and packaging area
  • Our core business is fine sheet metal working: this is why we work steel up to 6mm thick, and galvanised sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminium up to 4mm thick.
  • For specific parts of very high thickness requiring cutting and bending operations, we then collaborate with our historical partners located near the company in order to limit transport costs.
  • Concerning the painting line, each structure to be painted is limited to 75 Kg and by the following dimensions due to the configuration of the line: (in cm) 400 x 180 x 60
Our markets

Batiroc Protect Industries operates in many capital goods markets. Our common thread: ability to adapt, high quality level, responsiveness and competitiveness

Most of our clients operate in increasingly demanding markets:

  • conveying,
  • airport handling and food processing,
  • industrial and medical vacuum systems,
  • electrical equipment manufacturers,
  • layout and equipment of points of sale/hotels/restaurants,
  • perimeter detection systems, protection of embedded computer equipment,
  • components for rising barriers,
  • manufacturers of lighting solutions,
Our requirement: to support our customers in their quest for competitiveness while ensuring a high level of service.
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